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A game-changing technology to
simplify and drive execution.

Revenue Acceleration Platform

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Import data from SalesForce and other
sources to bring clarity to decisions.

Data & Trends Visualization

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The FM Dashboard shows you all of your data.

Total Visibility for Total Control

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The fastest way to create dynamic plans.


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FM Navigator

Plan to Win™

Accelerate revenue growth with our powerful business execution platform. Discover our visual planner, automation engine, and real-time dashboards.

Client Navigator

Your Competitive Edge™

The total solution for consultants and executive coaches to help their clients quickly grow their revenue, achieve alignment and get results.

FM Connect

Connecting ForwardThinkers®

Find top experts, discover engaging content and grow your business by leveraging our global community of executives and thought leaders.

ForwardMetrics Solutions

Strategic Planning

Breaking down large objectives into short-term goals is no easy task. Successful execution demands involvement from the top down. With FM Navigator, your team will always see how their efforts impact the bigger picture.
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Project Management

Project managers need simplification, not complication. They need tools that fill in the communication gaps and focus on the future. Make plans self-managed and take back control.
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Sales Execution

Maximize your customer focus with FM Navigator’s Salesforce connector. Focus your entire organization on customers & sales success so you can grow your business and start executing on your sales goals.
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What People Are Saying

  • "At Knowledgefaber, we are global strategy consultants with a large practice in operational consulting and strategy implementation support to global clients. We found FM Navigator to be a very powerful planning/implementation tracking tool that is changing the way we and our clients are executing complex projects."

    Amit Goel, Founder and CEO
    Amit Goel, Founder and CEO Knowledgefaber
  • "Helping my clients understand all the elements and interrelationships of their strategic plan to their exit plan can take hours and many meetings. This innovative and easy-to-use platform from ForwardMetrics presents the same information, in a way that makes it intuitive to see the next step, the next decision or where action is required because it’s visual and graphical, not just words on a page."

    Kerri Salls, Exit Strategist
    Kerri Salls, Exit Strategist This Way Out Group
  • "As a business consultant for almost 40 years, I've done strategic planning for scores of clients. so I know what needs to happen to make it work. That is why I'm excited about FM Navigator as a tool to make the process collaborative, transparent and visible to all stakeholders. This is an elegant and flexible tool that meets a vital need."

    Jim Cathcart, CSP and CPAE
    Jim Cathcart, CSP and CPAE Cathcart Institute, Inc.