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Turn assessment results into personalized Action
Plans. Encourage continuous development and
watch your people grow.


The Future of Assessments

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The HRxPlan platform oversees the execution
of an employee’s self-improvement action plan by
tracking the status of every recommended action.


Dashboard Manages Execution

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The flexibility of the HRxPlan platform provides
for a wide array of custom configuration options
including “white labeling” options by third party
companies and SalesForce integration.

Features and Maximum Flexibility


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Using the output generated from taking an
assessment, the HRxPlan platform automatically
generates a self-improvement action plan for
each individual.


Self Improvement Action Plans

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Always have your Action Plan at your finger tips.
Manage plans and update progress instantly with
the convenience of HRxPlan Mobile.


Update Action Plans On the Go

“Drive growth through inspired design and powerful technology.”


Grow Your People™

Bridge the gap between assessments and workforce development with HRxPlan, the cloud-based platform that empowers companies and their people to achieve their full potential through continuous learning.


E-Learning Content

xPlanHUB is our ever-growing recommendation library for professional development and skill building. From books to E-Learning courses and more, HUB offers a variety of content to meet everyone’s unique needs.

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